Friday, August 13, 2010

More GREAT Movie Ideas

From Ben Smith:
Genocycle: Luke Wilson plays drifter-cum-brilliant warcrimes jurist in a pan-Saharan race to collect usb thumbdrives, each containing evidence to build his brilliant case. Owen Wilson stars as Twitter Celeb "@DustySparks". Gene Hackman reprises his role as brutal dictator "Cap-ee-tan Capatopos".

iCandy: Wealthy internet technologist Turk Igonicus (played by Owen Wilson) invents the first web-based taste-o-vision. His twisted pervert brother Gerand (played by Luke Wilson) trys to sell it as a smutty sex-toy. Gene Hackman stars as a loose-cannon patent officer Penn Dakari. Rated a hard PG-13.

After The Bombs: Luke Wilson plays a by-the-book field medic in the war-ravaged town of Dresden. Owen is his incompetent male nurse. They both fall in love with the same victim, Kate Hudson. Historical buddy comedy/coming of age film.

So much talent wasted with these movies not being made. Mine, Ben's, and Luke and Owen Wilsons's.

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