Monday, August 16, 2010

Cold Snow... Hot Pants!

from Amanda, based on the true events of
Cats with 'Staches: Glen (Own Wilson) is a bachelor with two best friends, his brother Ben (Luke Wilson) and his cat, Weiner Schnitzel. In order to attract more women, Glen decides to shave his hair to look like his cat who just happens to resemble a certain anti-Semitic German Leader [probably Hitler - ed.] Gene Hackman costars as Glen's kooky Jewish uncle, Motimer. Coming of age comedy.
Hot Pants: Luke Wilson is a ski jock who falls for champion skier Kate Hudson. Owen makes him magical hotpants to win the competition and her heart. Buddy comedy/coming of age film.

Jugs: Luke and Owen Wilson go in search of the perfect boobs - coming of age, buddy-type comedy.

Tee-peeing the Sahara: College pranksters Luke and Owen Wilson get into trouble with a West African warlord when they steal his college's mascot and vandalize it. This one's a coming of age film, kind of a buddy comedy/total buddy comedy.
Man, the things they'd get into... Can you imagine the hilarity that would ensue with those two in a desert death camp?! Needless to say, there'd be boobs. African queen played by Kate Hudson. Gene Hackman can be the warlord.

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  1. ...yet again reprising his role as Cap-ee-tan Capitopos.