Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I tend to assume people are untrustworthy, and that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The thing is, how is that bad? My prophecies are being fulfilled. Do know how rare that is? It burns up that gypsy lady every time I tell her. She put a curse on me, which I prophecized would make my life worse, and it did.

Me and my horse, who's name I forgot, were talking about this. He says when I expect people to disappoint me, I set them up to fail. But what the hell does he know? Nobody even knows his name! It's probably Liarhorse or Horse the Liar. Plus, I didn't expect him to help me anyway. I set him up with one task everyone would fail and he failed, so there you go. I'm right. I will never trust him or any horse again, whatever his name is. Probably Untrusty.

What's that damn horse's name?

Oh yeah, Horsey.

No! Horsedog.

No!! Mapleleaf! I'm pretty sure it was originally Mapleleaf.

No, we'll go with Horsedog.

Anyway, he's a liar.