Friday, July 30, 2010

More Hollywood Gold

I've been pitching these as texts, at random, to people who were foolish enough to give me their phone numbers. Somebody's gotta be in Hollywood.

Rose Men: Luke and Owen Wilson star in a buddy comedy about two landscapers who vie for Kate Hudson's love. She employs them. Somebody falls in poop.

I Rub You 2: Owen Wilson is an Arabian Genie Luke Wilson finds. He wishes for Kate Hudson. Gene Hackman plays Jafar in this coming of age buddy film.

Shoestore Cowboys: Luke and Owen Wilson, ranchers, inherit a high end shoe store from their dying uncle Gene Hackman. Coming of age buddy comedy.

In Traction: Luke and Owen Wilson play wisecracking young doctors. Gene Hackman plays evil patient. Zach Braff costars. Coming of age comedy.

Wedding Wing: Luke Wilson marries a falcon. Owen Wilson is its stern trainer. It's a coming of age buddy comedy.

God is My Co-Pirate: Luke Wilson's plane is hijacked by Muslim terrorist Owen Wilson. They were college roommates, so it's a buddy comedy.

Great Balls of Fire: Luke and Owen Wilson play young balls of fire. They have to defeat Gene Hackman, water. Coming of age film/buddy comedy.

Twilight - Wilson Moon: Werewolves Luke and Owen Wilson vie for Bella's love in this buddy comedy by Wes Craven. Gene Hackman plays Edward.

Tragedy at AIDS Lake: Luke and Owen Wilson star in this buddy comedy about falling in water with your clothes on. Gene Hackman keeps pushing them.

Also, from my human associate (barely human - seems more like a asteroid snake in disguise. *Remember to check into that later*), Jeff Robtoy:

College Dayz: Luke and Owen Wilson make big cash as local cover band 'Sublime' in a college town. Gene Hackman as the evil FCC CEO who tries to ruin the fun!

The Royal Tennenbaums: Luke and Owen Wilson are pretentious actors who join a neo-nazi movement to score tail. Gene Hackman as Mr. Tennenbaum. Danny Glover hates cabs.

Money please!

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