Monday, July 19, 2010

Movie Ideas

My brain comes with trillions of great movie ideas a day. These are just from this morning. I kept note.

Chow Down: A buddy comedy starring Luke and Owen Wilson where they have to eat or be eaten by ruthless, bored aliens. Coming of age film.

Hocus Focus: A buddy comedy starring Luke and Owen Wilson. One's a photographer, one's a magician, both fighting for the same girl. Coming of age film.

Battleship Boys: Luke and Owen Wilson star in a buddy comedy as two ex-Navy guys who try running a shrimp boat off the Louisiana coast (possible satire???). Evil ex-drill sergeant played by Gene Hackman. Coming of age film.

Doctor Oh No: A quack doctor accidentally sews Luke and Owen Wilson together. Buddy comedy, sort of a coming of age film. Costars Kate Hudson.

I'm In Rub: Luke Wilson, masseuse, falls in love with one of his clients, Kate Hudson. Owen Wilson plays his brother. Coming of age film, buddy comedy.

Getting Dressed: Luke Wilson has to enter the Miss America Pageant so Owen Wilson can meet the girl of his dreams, Kate Hudson. Buddy comedy/coming of age. Gene Hackman is overbearing beauty coach.

Abe Lincoln - Attorney at Law: Luke Wilson stars as Abe Lincoln in a coming of age film about Lincoln's early days as a hotshot homosexual lawyer. Owen Wilson plays brother - buddy comedy. Kate Hudson costars as Martha, or whatever his wife's name was. (work in sex scene)

Michael Phelps - An American Hero: College buddy comedy starring Luke and Owen Wilson. Coming of age film. Kate Hudson plays their mom. Gene Hackman plays overbearing swimming coach.(work in anti-drug message)

Out to Pasture: Luke and Owen Wilson, city slickers, inherit a ranch from their uncle, Gene Hackman, and mom, Kate Hudson. Fish out of water/buddy comedy/coming of age film. They fall into a lake once.

Gift of the Magi: A buddy comedy starring Luke and Owen Wilson as two of the three wise men. Coming of age film. Kate Hudson costars as the Virgin Mary (sexier though). Christmas movie. Gene Hackman's Satan.

Here are two others I got.

From Jeff Robtoy:
Oh, Mohammad!: Jessica Alba stars as a Muslim with very traditional values until she visits New York and falls in love with a priest (Luke Wilson). East meets West with a twist! Will he leave the priesthood? Will she remove her burkha? Is love stronger than God? Rated X.

From Chris Meister:
Puppy Love: Rob Schneider falls in love with a golden retriever. Eugene Levy and The Rock costar.

I'll take some money now.

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  1. Luke and Owen Wilson: Tom hanks and that kid from Dawson's creek star as Luke and Owen Wilson in this coming of age/buddy comedy biopic. Make sure to have at least one scene with an abusive father and another scene where they are both humiliated in gym class by farting while doing push-ups.