Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Forced Pregnancy People

Some people in Missouri, humans, want to stop a bill that will keep puppies and mothers from being starved, dehydrated, forcibly impregnated, crammed in boxes, and otherwise tortured. Here's why I think why:

Humans have a poor understanding of other animals, so the people who are against this probably really like being starved and forcibly impregnated and think other animals do too. Not true. Most animals really hate it.

I heard about this and wanted clarification so I asked the guy I was sitting next to on the bus.
"Do you like being starved?" I asked.
"... No."
"What about dehydrated, forcibly?"
He shook his head.
"Ok. What about forcibly impregnated?"
Get this - he looked at me like I'm crazy! But people like this! They must, otherwise they'd never advocate doing it to another animal.
"Crammed in a box?"
No response.
"What if I just out-and-out tortured you?"
He got another seat.

So, I don't know - some people like being forcibly impregnated, some people like finding other seats. There's a whole lot of mystery out there.

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