Friday, June 11, 2010


If there's one thing humans have right, it's honking their car horns. Nothing else in the universe has found a better way to annoy someone. Good work. Nailed it. It's annoying as hell.

Especially when someone is TRYING TO SLEEP!!! LIKE ME!!! I'M TRYING TO SLEEP RIGHT NOW!!! I get it! You want to annoy someone! Focus it on the person you're trying to annoy! Not me! I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!

Also, motorcycles are annoying and too loud. Not to change the subject, but they can be really loud when they drive by and I'M TRYING TO FUCKING SLEEP!!!

Also, I'm having trouble sleeping. I hope that's obvious. It mostly has to do with people HONKING THEIR FUCKING CAR HORNS WHILE I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!!!

Why did humans make workdays that don't fit their bodies? By the time I get up for work in the afternoon I'm almost always late. The times when I'm not late, I'm not going. And even late, I'm not well rested, and that's usually because THERE ARE FUCKING HORNS GOING OFF BY ME! CAR HORNS!!! ALL TIMES OF NIGHT! STEREOS TOO! AND MOTORCYCLES! AND IT'S IMPORTANT THAT IT'S QUIET AT NIGHT TIME BECAUSE THAT'S WHEN I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!!!

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