Saturday, June 19, 2010

Car Horns

Here's the thing about car horns: they're always being honked by idiots. If I had a car, I'd take the horn out. And replace it with a gun.

Is anybody gonna move because you make a "honk" noise at them? Hell no. Try it next time you're in line at the grocery store. Say "honk honk" a bunch of times. Not only will the line not move, people will look at you like you're an idiot, proving my point that car horns are only honked by idiots.

Will they move if you shake a gun at them? Hell yes! Try that next time you're in a grocery store. It works. Not only will they move, they will duck like their life depends on it. Not only will you get your groceries for free, sometimes they give you money from the register. For free! They practically throw it at you - nay - do throw it at you. Also one guy cried.

Also, waving a gun is quiet. And, except when people get shot accidentally - which is often - harmless. I can't sleep with this army of car horns going off outside my house. I know I'd sleep a lot better if it were an army of people waving guns outside my house.

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